Pain during sex

Around four out of ten women suffer from some type of pain during sexual intercourse. The term dyspareunia simply means “painful sexual intercourse”. Pain can happen after intercourse, during intercourse or even before intercourse takes place.

What are some types of sexual pain?
For some women, this problem is not constant. They can have intercourse most of the time with penetration and it is not painful, but the pain ends up appearing in one or another isolated relationship, with the same partner or not. However, other women may experience pain with any attempt at penetration. In certain cases, the woman feels sexual pain even without penetration, just by stimulating the genital region.

Dyspareunia: when a woman is able to have sexual intercourse without pain, but sometimes the pain appears, repetitively. There may be pain at the time of penetration, during intercourse or even before penetration takes place.

Vaginismus: When a woman has never been able to have penetration without pain (whether through a penis, a finger or a tampon), the problem is known as vaginismus. Five out of every hundred women around the world have some degree of vaginismus, where in the most severe cases the woman cannot have penetration at all.

Pain during intercourse will never be normal and it should not be ignored! It can have causes that, with the correct treatment, can improve. PELVIC FLOOR PHYSIOTHERAPY is indicated and with excellent results in improving the quality of life of women.

I have pain during sex. What should I do?

Remember that there are different types of pain during intercourse, which can be caused by different situations. The first thing to do when you notice any pain associated with intercourse is to see your gynecologist to identify what the problem is and to rule out any infection or other pathologies.

The good news is that there is an effective treatment for you, but you will need specialized help. Often, the treatment needs to be multidisciplinary, addressing the psychological aspects and the physical aspects. One of the main goals during the treatment with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy is to take control of your body and intimate muscles and to help you learn how to relax them progressively.

During treatment, you will need a lot of courage, persistence and determination to do the exercises and overcome your fear, but know: Pain during sex is curable!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to email me or give me a call. If you know someone who experiences pain during sex, share this post with them!

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